New Spirts!

Like our delicious hand-crafted brews, our carefully selected spirits are made in small-batch distilleries. These small-batch distilleries are devoted to local ingredients and artisanal production.
New Spirits : Red Breast Cask Strength Irish Whiskey. Ol’ Smokey Apple Pie Moonshine. CABO WABO teq. Blue Neckter Teg. Kraken Dark Rum, Journeyman Roads end rum, Valentine Vodka, Hendircks Gin, Angels Envy Whiskey , New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon, Michael Collins real Irish Whiskey.

Zap Toro; Live Detroit music at its finest!

Tuesday is one of the most popular nights for catching live music at Black lotus, thanks to the vibe of Detroit’s Zap Toro. Some where between Charlie Hunter, Buena Vista Social Club and the Grateful Dead — Zap Toro lays down great instrumental jams that are thought provoking even without lyrics. Listen in at Zap Toro  Then catch them live at 9PM every Tuesday.  Enjoy diner, a handcrafted brew or partake in our carefully selected spirits made in small-batch distilleries.  Hope to see you soon!