Black Lotus’ Open Mic Night Draws Local, Regional Talent – ClawsonPatch

It was a cool Monday night in October as Greg Blucher and Peter Singel, two regular participants at Black Lotus Brewing Company‘s open mic night, took the stage with guitars in hand. They began strumming “Stairway to Heaven.” Moments later, musicians from the crowd joined them on stage, playing drums, bass guitar and the keyboard.

The big surprise came as DJ Invisible, rapper Xzibit’s disc jockey, took the stage and began a record-scratching solo over the classic Led Zeppelin song.

Though most Monday nights don’t offer a celebrity jam session, Black Lotus’ Open Mic Night typically features local, regional and even national artists like Shawn Blackman, who performed at Detroit’s Orchestra Hall in September.

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Black Lotus Brewery After Dark - photo credit: Ryan Cox